Fuerteventura is an island that will never let you down. It is located in the middle of the Canary Islands but still has its own character! You can drive from one city to another across the island and this will never bore you. Culture, mysterious history, sports and the beautiful scenery will make sure you'll never forget this stay. Driving from the far north to the south will only take you a few hours, but on the way to get there you will find so many intriguing things that you'll have lots of stories to tell when you get back home.

Your stay

For a first stay in Fuerteventura you shoud plan on spending a whole week. During seven days of time you can already discover and explore most of the island. Take a look at our activities page to get some inspiration for a fantastic stay.

Transport and transfers

From Belgium there are endless possibilities to fly to Fuerteventura. Both from Zaventem and from Charleroi you can head off to the island. However flying is sometimes cheaper when you take off in Weeze. This airport is just across the border and is owned by Ryanair. From here you can leave daily for many Spanish destinations.

Once arrived on the island, hire a car immediately. This allows you to move freely and easily discover all sides of the island. Those who depend on public transport can take the bus. These drive frequently and bring you to most attractions.